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We help owners of all vehicles cover expensive repair bills and allow them to pay in monthly installments instead of one-time payments. Because we lend based on asset value, not credit score, our approval rates are very high. In other words – if your vehicle qualifies, you’ll be approved.

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Trufco for Cars makes sure repair centres get paid quickly, and removes the hassles involved with tracking down payments. This service is completely free for our approved repair centres and we deal directly with vehicle owners. Repair centres that work with Trufco for Cars get paid on time.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What services does Trufco for Cars offer?2022-01-20T16:20:58+00:00

We do two things; we provide financing for vehicle owners to help pay their repair bills. This then allows them to pay their repair bill through more manageable monthly payments. We also ensure quick payment for repair shops and centres, and remove the hassle garages go through of tracking down payments. This eliminates the potential for neglected bills.

What documents must be submitted by the client?2022-01-20T16:20:21+00:00

Clients must submit copies of two pieces of photo ID, proof of income, (ex: two pay stubs or a letter from employer emailed or faxed from the company only, etc.), proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage, or tax bill), photos of exterior and interior of the vehicle, clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer, vehicle insurance and registration.

Does Trufco for Cars provide repair loans in other countries or provinces?2022-01-20T16:19:40+00:00

Trufco’s approved repair centres are located across the province Ontario. This is currently the only area in Canada where we offer our services.

How to apply for a repair loan?2022-01-20T16:15:46+00:00

Our website allows for a quick and easy application process. Simply fill out the required information and we will get in touch to finalize all the details with you.

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